First Week of Development

So ,what happened this week?

This week we started our first week of development! So most of the things we did this week involved setting up things. We made a list of all the features we wanted to have in the game by the end of development and planned them out. More short term we choose some goals we wanted to get done in the next couple of weeks. In these couple of weeks we will be making the basics of the game. These include the camera setup, basic level design, multiple characters, some props, movement and more. This week specifically we spend most of our time setting up a blank project and making sure everything works for every member of the team. A good start is half the work!!!

Our plans for the future.

As mentioned above we are going to start our first sprint of development which involves adding mostly basic features on the programming side. On the art side we are adding more characters and more fleshed out props and effects. See you all next week!

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Mar 16, 2018

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