Third week of development

So ,what happened this week?

This week we implemented the shared camera for a players, fixed some bugs regarding local multiplayer, added the statemachine for animations and implanted the first of our traps. The camera tries to get all players into the same screen with blending to new targets.

Image 1: Camera

Some of the bugs that we fixed involved the push mechanic from last week. The statemachine that was added lets us smoothly switch between animations with or without blending.

Gif 1: Animations

The first trap that we implemented was the spiketrap, as the name suggests it has something to do with impaling people on spikes.

Gif 2: Trap

On the art and modeling side we made a second character, textured a whole bunch of previously made props, and added some new ones. Meet our second character, the onesiegirl.

Image 2: OnesieGirl

Some of the newly textured props are the donuts, the spiketrap and the gummybear

Image 3: Textured Props

One last thing is that we also added multiple spike traps to our testlevel so have fun pushing eachother in those.

Our plans for the future.

This week makes the end of our first production sprint and we can’t wait to start on the next one that will bring with it the trap placement, the menus with lots of options and ofc the victory dancing.

See you all after the easter holidays!!


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Mar 30, 2018

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